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Forum Thread: Does Primary Remedy CBD Work?

Primary Remedy CBD:-Each container of the color accompanies an eyedropper that you use to parcel out the measure of Primary Remedy CBD drops you need to utilize. Blend the oil into nourishments or beverages. It can likewise be dropped on the tongue, however it is harsh. Use CBD for in any event thirty days to encounter its full impacts.

Forum Thread: Disney's Mulan Has Reportedly Already Made More Money Than Tenet

Reportedly, Mulan has made more money on Disney+ than Tenet has in theaters. At the start of this year, Mulan was expected to be one of the biggest movies of 2020 as the latest in Disney's long line of live-action remakes. Based on both the original Chinese legend and the 1998 animated film of the same name, Mulan tells the iconic story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her father's place in the army. Mulan was already somewhat controversial due to its removal of the ani...

Forum Thread: Black Widow's Action Is Different from Other Marvel Movies

Black Widow director Cate Shortland sees the action sequences in her film as being different than the rest of the MCU's superpower-based set pieces. The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film is centered entirely around Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff, who has previously appeared in a total of eight different Marvel Studios films. Natasha made her MCU debut in 2010's Iron Man 2, and quickly became an integral part of the franchise, though her arc culminated in tragedy in last year's Av...

Forum Thread: Four New Trailers for Each Blumhouse Horror Film Coming to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime released four trailers for each of its new films in their Welcome to the Blumhouse film series. Each of the four films will hit the streaming service in October just in time for Halloween. The four films are part of a collaboration between Amazon and Blumhouse Productions. The series of films is set to feature diverse casts and emerging filmmakers. The four trailers were posted to the Amazon Prime Youtube channel. The films are set to premiere as double features with The Lie and ...

Forum Thread: Original Venom Movie Designs Replaced Spider-Man Symbol with 'V'

Original Venom movie designs replaced Spider-Man's symbol with a "V." The first full visage of the titular anti-hero of the 2018 Sony film starring Tom Hardy, dates back to the 1988 pages of Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man #300. However, the original debut of the actual black Spider-Man costume is in Marvel's mini-series, Secret Wars, issue #8 in 1984. Upon later discovering the costume's true nature as an alien symbiote intent on completely merging with him, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, wo...

Forum Thread: How to Enable "Unknown Sources" in Android to Install Apps Outside the Play Store

A critical aspect of being a softModder is the ability to install apps from outside the Play Store. Whether you want to install something that Google doesn't allow, like the CyanogenMod installer, or something that requires root privileges, like Xposed, you'll want to remember this handy little trick. Enabling this function is a piece of cake—simply go to Settings -> Security. Just check Unknown sources and you're all set.

Forum Thread: How to Reboot Android Failure

my samsung galaxy s4 started mibehaving 3 months started switching off itself when the battery was at 60%,then 70,80,90,up to 100%.I thought they might be viruses ony to see it off completely.when I charged and then switch on it only displays android,android,android without accepting swictch off button.

Forum Thread: How to change carriers

I'm trying to change my sprint galaxy s4 model sph-L720 to verizon. i have verizon servicesbut my verizon phone is broken and i was given this samsung gs4. I was told that they can be converted. I have a sim card for my verizon and there is a slot in the samsung for a sim card. So is this possible? Can i switch carriers to where i am using the samsung gs4 as my verizon phone?

Forum Thread: How to Run Galaxy S4 Verizon on French "Orange" Network

Hello, I hope someone out there can give me some tips on how to resolve this problem. I recently moved to France and brought my S4, the Verizon rep. and global support assured me it would work over here. I switched the phone to GSM mode and have the Orange SIM card in the phone and I can send texts/make calls but cannot connect to the 4G network or any internet whatsoever.

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