Forum Thread: Turn Off Autocorrect on Samsung Galaxy S4!!

This article will show you how to turn off autocorrect on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Don't forget to subscribe!!

Step 1: Go to Apps

  1. Select the Apps icon on your homepage

Step 2: Select Settings

  1. Scroll through the pages
  1. Find the Settings icon
  1. Open Settings

Step 3: Select My Device

  1. Select the My Device tab at the top

Step 4: Select Language and Input

  1. Scroll down until you see Input and control
  1. Under Input and control select Language and input

Step 5: Go to Samsung Keyboard Settings

  1. Under Keyboards and input methods select the Settings icon

The Settings icon is to the right of Samsung keyboard

Step 6: Turn Off Auto Replacement

  1. Under Smart typing turn Auto replacement off

To turn off Auto replacement, flip the switch to the left
Auto replacement is another name for Autocorrect

Step 7: Turn Off Predictive Text (Optional)

  1. Under Smart typing turn off Predictive text

To turn off Predictive text flip the switch to the left
Predictive text is when you phone will suggest words for you to type based on the context of what you are typing

2 Responses

how to get this type of touch effect in mobile?
pink lining when u scroll d page up n down?

Sorry, I didn't see this comment until now. It's a feature that came with the program I used to take a video of my cellphone screen

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