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Forum Thread: How to Enable "Unknown Sources" in Android to Install Apps Outside the Play Store

A critical aspect of being a softModder is the ability to install apps from outside the Play Store. Whether you want to install something that Google doesn't allow, like the CyanogenMod installer, or something that requires root privileges, like Xposed, you'll want to remember this handy little trick. Enabling this function is a piece of cake—simply go to Settings -> Security. Just check Unknown sources and you're all set.

Forum Thread: How to Reboot Android Failure

my samsung galaxy s4 started mibehaving 3 months started switching off itself when the battery was at 60%,then 70,80,90,up to 100%.I thought they might be viruses ony to see it off completely.when I charged and then switch on it only displays android,android,android without accepting swictch off button.

Forum Thread: How to change carriers

I'm trying to change my sprint galaxy s4 model sph-L720 to verizon. i have verizon servicesbut my verizon phone is broken and i was given this samsung gs4. I was told that they can be converted. I have a sim card for my verizon and there is a slot in the samsung for a sim card. So is this possible? Can i switch carriers to where i am using the samsung gs4 as my verizon phone?

Forum Thread: Galaxy S4 Weather Map

When using the std. weather app, on the S4, I choose "weather map" and it never shows the weather. It opens up a huge map of north, central, and south america, and never shows radar, clouds, etc. What kind of weather map doesn't show the weather? Isn't it supposed to be able to show radar? If so, how do I correct this?

Forum Thread: How to fix heating issue of galaxy s4 i9500

Hey ! All . Iam obaid from pakistan . My Galaxy s4 i9500 is runing on Android 4.2.2 . As far as battery drainage issue i dont feel like iam facing it .. But If its about the Abnormal heating issue that seriously sucks! I mean why had i payed that amount if i cant use the sensor,s or wifi or i cant play some heavy games? Whenever i try to search i find out everyone saying to shut sensors off turn wifi of and your phone wont heat up! what the hell . Can anyone tell me is there any wayout if i r...

Forum Thread: Need Some Help with Lock Screen Notifications

I love my new s4 but What I need is a way to stop missed calls and messages notifications from showing on my lock screen. Especially if its locked with a pin. My problem is these notifications cover the owner info and personal message. So if my phone is lost, the contact info is not visible.At this time there are no settings to remedy this. The latest update only allowed for apps to be moved to sd card storage.I would dearly love a solution. Thanks in advance for any help.

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