How to Restart into Recovery or Download Mode Right from Your Samsung Galaxy S4's Reboot Menu

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 has many advantages; theming, free wireless hotspots, deleting system apps, and generally being ahead of the curve when it comes to updates. It's also great for simple things like centering your clock or freezing apps.

Today, I'm going to cover a very simple mod that will provide valuable options to your device's Reboot menu, which is something us softModders will find particularly handy.

The traditional menu is fairly straightforward. You've got power and sound options as well as an Airplane mode toggle. The modded menu will look the same, until you hit the Restart button.

For softModders, the convenience of having this menu cannot be overstated. Quick access to Download and Recovery modes is essential if you're constantly flashing random mods and ROMs, and this menu provides the easiest way to get to those modes.


The process for installation is very straightforward, suffice it to say that you'll of course need to be rooted:

  1. Download the correct file for your GS4 and place on your internal SD card. Use one of the links below.

Make sure to select the proper file! You must use the correct software update (ie. MDC or MDL) and the right system type (Odexed or De-Odexed). If you are unclear, ask away in the comments.

  1. Go to Recovery by powering down the device and back on while simultaneously holding the Power and Volume Up buttons (release the buttons when you see "Recovery Booting" on your device).
  1. Clear both Cache and Dalvik Cache.
  2. Make a Nandroid backup, just in case.
  3. Flash the .zip file you downloaded for your specific device.
  4. Reboot.

That's it! Simple yet endlessly useful. And the next time you need to enter Recovery mode, you no longer have to worry about pressing two buttons and waiting—it'll do it for you.


hey which file should be downladed for sprint? I downloaded the mdl deodexed because I figured you ordered them as they are on xda developers.

Are you on a custom rom? If not, odexed is what you want. If you are on a custom rom, please check with that rom's developer.

which file would I use for Rogers in Canada??

Are you on a custom rom? If not, odexed is what you want. If you are on a custom rom, please check with that rom's developer.

AT&T Stock ROM. Which file do I use?

You must be on a deodexed rom, so stock rom will not work. Follow the link to the ATT file and you can find a flash to flash to make your system deodexed.

I have a sgh m919 nh7 build stock any ideas which file i need?

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